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Polygon Village Brings the Entire Web3 Ecosystem Under One Roof

Polygon Team
Polygon Team
Apr 8, 2022
Polygon Village

Polygon DAO is announcing the launch of Polygon Village, a full-stack ecosystem for developers to build and grow. Polygon DAO aims to decentralize, grow and innovate the Polygon community. As part of Polygon Village, projects building on Polygon will get access to all services and offerings ranging from hosting, audit services, infrastructure & API related services, talent discovery, and much more.

We will highlight some of the key components of Polygon Village in this post.

Welcome Vouchers

Welcome vouchers will enable projects building on Polygon to aim for higher adoption rates and benefit from the top-tiered Web3 service providers. Polygon Village is partnering with some of the best Web3 service providers across domains, including grants, hosting, infra support, audit service, listing, liquidity support, and much more.

Polygon and projects building on Polygon such as Akashnet, Tatum, and Certik will specify use cases and categories across all domains for eligibility to receive welcome vouchers. Eligible projects can access and request welcome vouchers anytime during the pre-defined timeline set by partners.

Shared Grants

Polygon DAO and its contributors including Balancer, QuickSwap, and mStable provide emerging Web3 startups in DeFi, NFT, Gaming, Metaverse with shared grants to help them build and grow. It will also give partners access to projects in the Polygon ecosystem to drive their adoption rates.

Polygon is streamlining its funding efforts by referring all grants initiatives across the ecosystem to the DAO. It will enable better coordination, management, and project tracking for Polygon DAO and partners.

Village Talks

This initiative by Polygon Village will focus on educational sessions from Web3 experts. It will be a forum where new and emerging projects with unique use cases can present themselves in front of the entire Polygon community. The Polygon DAO will also announce monthly awards on the emerging dApps.

Ecosystem Job Board

Polygon recently unveiled a dedicated web portal to help bridge the gap between dApps in its ecosystem looking for the right talent and those looking for career opportunities in Web3. 

Once companies start their talent search, Polygon will scrape job listings from their careers pages and third-party websites and automatically update job listings. The team is also working on a system that will enable projects to register on the job board and automatically sync listings. Our system will also keep all the listings updated, add new ones and remove closed listings. 

Job seekers can apply directly by submitting a resume or creating a profile to be notified about relevant openings based on their interests, skills, and experience.

Bounty Board

Polygon Village has created a Bounty Board platform where all dApps can outsource tasks linked with incentives. Developers, marketers, and content experts can participate in this program and earn rewards based on their expertise.

Learn more about Polygon Village and tune into our blog for the latest news from the team Polygon!

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