Polygon Welcomes Liquid Staking of MATIC by Stader Labs

Polygon Labs
March 30, 2022
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Stader Labs' liquid staking solution is coming soon to Polygon, enabling MATIC holders to unlock liquidity and leverage their capital in one of 7,000 Polygon-based GameFi and DeFi apps — all while remaining staked! 

Holders of Polygon’s native MATIC token can use Stader to stake it and receive a fungible liquid token MATICX that shows their claim to the underlying staked assets in return. Stader will work with the ecosystem to ensure the comprehensive utility of these tokens on DEXs, lending/borrowing protocols, yield aggregators, and more.

The launch of liquid staking on Polygon will expand Stader Lab’s mission to decentralize PoS networks by building intuitive staking infrastructure for anyone (delegators, crypto natives, institutions, exchanges, fintechs, or venture funds) to safely stake their tokens while also unleashing liquidity. Liquid staking means the Polygon community will no longer have to choose between securing the network through staking or participating in the ecosystem’s booming DeFi, NFT, and gaming protocols.

With unlocked liquidity, an even greater number of projects across the DeFi, NFT, and gaming verticals can be supported on Polygon — amplifying the value of the ecosystem. The Polygon developer community will be able to build their custom staking products on top of Stader solutions. Stader will also provide a convenient way for the community to stake with multiple validators at once, helping them reduce risk & costs while increasing returns.

Over time, Stader will unveil its full suite of DeFi products, including a simplified, one-click staking solution, allowing users to invest in a basket of different validators with ease. Stader will also enable easy validator discovery by showcasing key validator metrics on the Stader platform and Vaults+, which offers token holders a chance to pick strategies tailored to their risk tolerance.

Stader Labs is backed by leading funds, including Pantera, Coinbase Ventures, and 3AC. Within ten weeks of its launch in November, Stader accrued over $820 million in TVL and more than 30,000 users. 

Click here to learn more about the Stader protocol and check our blog to keep up with the latest on the Polygon ecosystem.

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