Polygon zkEVM: Inca Berry Upgrade Coming to Mainnet Beta

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October 26, 2023
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Today, the 10-day timelock for upgrading Polygon zkEVM Mainnet Beta was initiated. The upgraded FflonkVerifier.sol contract and transaction containing the proposal for Inca Berry can be checked here:

Alongside the Inca Berry upgrade, the node and prover will also be updated. This post covers what’s included in Inca Berry, next steps, and how to test it today.  

A note for end users: Once the Inca Berry upgrade is live on mainnet, you don’t need to take any action to continue using Polygon zkEVM. Everything from your perspective will be the same. 

The Upgrade & Audit

Inca Berry will bring cryptographic optimizations and bug fixes to Polygon zkEVM Mainnet Beta. There are also updates to the prover and node, including adding a data stream to the sequencer and improving the Websocket subscription.

Previously, the prover repo could not be compiled by the most popular desktop Linux distributions, with the exception of Ubuntu. Following the update, the prover repo will be compatible with GCC 13 and devs will be able to compile and execute it with whichever distribution of Linux they use. 

A security audit of the Inca Berry upgrade, bug fixes, and node and prover updates will be conducted by Verichains. We’ll share those audit reports once they’re available. 

Next Steps & How to Test Inca Berry Today

The 10-day timelock, triggered in keeping with Polygon zkEVM’s governance model, concludes on November 05. We remind devs and general users that the timelock is there for their security and protection, giving sufficient time to withdraw funds, if desired, before an upgrade is implemented.

The timelock is also an opportunity for devs to test and verify the upgrade for themselves. Inca Berry, as well as the latest versions of the node and prover, are available on the public testnet for Polygon zkEVM.

You can connect to the testnet here. (Pro tip: Be sure to toggle the Testnet Products option.) 

Once Inca Berry Is Live on Mainnet

Once Inca Berry is live on Ethereum Mainnet, devs will need to update to the latest versions of the node and prover. Those GitHub repos and changelogs can be found here:

To stay up-to-date on Inca Berry, tune into the blog and our social channels.

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