Polygon zkEVM: The Etrog Upgrade Is Live on Mainnet

The upgrade, a major step towards full Type 2 classification, is here. What users and devs need to know.

February 13, 2024
Polygon Solutions
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Following the 10-day timelock for upgrading the network, the Etrog upgrade is live on Polygon zkEVM Mainnet Beta. 

The Etrog upgrade includes support for additional precompiles and a new way of processing transactions. For a rundown of the features and how to verify the source code yourself, see the announcement from last month. (And for a technically-oriented description of Etrog, visit the Polygon Knowledge Layer.)

The tl;dr is that the four additional precompiles make Polygon zkEVM nearly* a full Type 2 ZK-EVM, based on Vitalik’s framework. From a practical perspective, it means that dApp devs can redeploy their code and smart contracts exactly as they are on Ethereum, no auditing or modifications necessary.    

While the testnet for the Etrog upgrade supported five additional precompiles, modexp will be disabled on mainnet and testnet due to an edge case that arose in testing.

Now that Etrog is live, there are some steps infrastructure devs will need to take to make use of the upgrade. But dApp devs already deployed on the network don’t need to take any action—and everything from the end-user’s perspective will work exactly the same as before. 

Here’s what you need to know.

Latest node & prover 

For those network participants that help maintain infrastructure on Polygon zkEVM, you’ll need to update to the latest version of the Node and Prover/Executor. You can find those GitHub repos here:

For infrastructure partners that maintain infrastructure and want to run a Cardona node, you can follow these instructions: How to run a permissionless node.

Upgrade timelock transparency 

The 10-day timelock for upgrading Polygon zkEVM Mainnet Beta was initiated on January 27 and concluded on February 06. 

The upgraded contract can be checked here. The transaction hash containing the upgrade proposal and its signatures can be found here


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*Why nearly a full Type 2 ZK-EVM? Last month, when announcing the Etrog upgrade, we claimed that the upgrade would, effectively, meet the criteria for a Type 2 ZK-EVM, based on Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin’s framework. While Vitalik’s framework doesn’t set standards for support for EIPs, Polygon zkEVM doesn’t currently support EIP-1559, a central aspect of how the EVM works today. As a result, devs at Polygon Labs have reconsidered making this claim. We revised the earlier blog post to reflect this.

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