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#PolygonConnect, Co-Hosted with Hashed, Is Coming to Korea Blockchain Week!

Polygon Team
Polygon Team
Aug 2, 2022
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Polygon is thrilled to announce that #PolygonConnect Korea will be held on Aug. 8-9, during Korea Blockchain Week!

Connect is the global initiative to draw together every part of Polygon’s ecosystem via live events, hackathons, and laidback parties. Polygon is partnering with some of the biggest names building #onPolygon and in Web3 for whip-smart insights on how to jumpstart your dream project, today. The partnership with Hashed, co-hosting #PolygonConnect, will bring the next generation of builders in Korea to Polygon!

Join over 500 builders in Seoul for two jam-packed days of workshops, panel discussions, AMAs, industry keynotes, and live demos. Whether you’re a developer or creator, an artist or enthusiast, Connect is here to help you find your squad. You’ll have the chance to chitchat with some of the brightest minds in Polygon’s ecosystem, and learn what you need to start building right now. 

Coming off the major successes of #PolygonConnect Paris and ETHCC, Connect Korea will feature some zero knowledge-specific content to help you understand our recent zkEVM breakthrough. Polygon is also onboarding some of Korea’s best NFT projects and influential Web3 artists, so keep your eyes peeled!

Full schedule for #PolygonConnect Korea

Connect Day 1, Aug. 8: 

  • 10-5 pm: Half day of panels and presentations on Polygon and Web3: keynotes, partner panel discussions, AMAs, and access to exclusive swag. 
  •  6-10 pm: 🤩 The ultimate Polygon partner afterparty! 🤩 Don’t miss this networking event complete with drinks, food, music, photo ops, and cool art. Stop by, hang out, and meet fellow builders. This is your chance to connect with the best of the Polygon ecosystem developer community through networking, training, and hiring opportunities.

Connect Day 2, Aug. 9: 

  • 10-5 pm: A full day for developers and builders ready to jump into Polygon, with technical guidance, workshops, AMA, and networking sessions. 💪
  • Learn about: Chainlink uses on Polygon, building and scaling Ozys(Meshswap)’s core tech, building out DAVA on Polygon, and many more technical walkthroughs to jumpstart your project! 
  • Don’t forget exclusive swag 😎

Polygon is doubling down on a commitment to supporting local developer communities. Connect is Polygon’s first major event in Korea, but by no means the last. Many esteemed regional partners have teamed up with Polygon to pour resources into Korea’s robust developer scene. 

Make sure you register right now to get your spot. 

For information on events near you, follow Polygon Developers on Twitter or Discord. Tune into the blog for the latest from the Polygon ecosystem.

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