Polygon’s Web3: Made in India Tour Starts Rolling with 7 Guild Events & Web3 Education Programs

Polygon Labs
November 4, 2022
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Polygon is excited to meet the next generation of entrepreneurs during the Web3: Made in India Tour. The young founders of India are smart, driven, and essential for the future of the web. The world is your canvas.

That’s why we’re hitting the road in India, to meet you and find the next generation of innovators. Polygon’s team will sync up with developers, entrepreneurs, and creators in every corner of the country with seven Guild events. And with our partner Reskill, Polygon will reach 50 college campuses across the country to help take India’s blockchain education to the next level.

Join us at a Guild event near you

Polygon invites you to join the Web3 revolution throughout India, to meet us where it all started. The goal? Build locally, with a global reach. 

Web3: Made in India Roadshow 

Polygon’s Web3: Made in India Roadshow is a rolling celebration of the creators and builders that have made Web3 possible.

Our best-in-class partners are helping us along the way: a big shout out to Animoca Brands, Sino Global Capital, and Push Protocol for their companionship as road warriors!

With fun, approachable, and hands-on programing, each Roadshow Guild event will feature big-hitting Web3 speakers and the opportunity to meet other passionate blockchain builders. 

Guild events are filled with fun and learning experiences, which may include:  

  • Workshops to help you start building right away ⚒️
  • Networking parties with live entertainment, like DJs! 🎶
  • Knowledge sessions with industry leaders through panel discussions, keynotes, and informal chats💻
  • Exclusive swag and merch, plus special prizes 🤩

Below, take a peek at Polygon’s Web3: Made in India Roadshow Tour Dates ✈️

  • Nov. 5: Guild Kochi
  • Nov. 6:  Guild Jaipur
  • Nov. 12: Guild Hyderabad
  • Nov. 19: Guild Ahmedabad
  • Nov. 20: Guild Mumbai
  • Nov. 26: Guild Delhi
  • Nov. 27: Guild Lucknow

And at the end of November, the Web3: Made in India Roadshow will culminate in the first-ever Polygon Connect: India in Bengaluru, on the eve of ETHIndia. Join the Connect: India Telegram group for the latest. More details are forthcoming, but we can say that you’re going to be blown away by our list of speakers. 

Register here to stay up to date 

Educating developers, on and off campus 

Polygon began in India. Our Roadshow is a homecoming, a way to celebrate everyone in the country who has contributed to Polygon Technology’s success. We believe the subcontinent will bring the next wave of blockchain builders and adopters. Nearly 11% of global Web3 talent lives in India, making it the third-largest market globally, according to a recent report from NASSCOM. 

So over the next six months, Polygon will team up with Reskill to partner with faculty from 50 campuses across the country to deliver top-notch, hands-on Web3 education for budding engineers. In cohorts of 50 to 100 students at every university, the Polygon Campus Training Program will get students up to speed on blockchain development. By the end of the course, they will have the chance to show off their first dApps at micro-hackathons. 

We believe emerging blockchain tech will help tackle some of the biggest challenges facing the world today. But to do so, developers need accessible, hands-on education. 

[Read more: Welcome to Polygon University Beta, the Next Generation of Web3 Education

To that end, we’re partnering with Pesto Tech to help seasoned Web2 developers transition to Web3. Pesto helps companies hire remote developers worldwide. All participants in the Polygon x Pesto partnership will have an early chance to be synced to a company launching on Polygon. We hope to create a network of reliable, trusted developers who’ve been trained in the best practices of Web3.

This is how the future of the internet is made: student by student, developer by developer, building vibrant communities at the geographical beating heart of the new web. 

* * *

Don’t miss the tour! 

Find the nearest Guild event here, or follow along online. Be sure to tune into our blog to learn more about the Polygon ecosystem and catch all the new initiatives for the next generation of Web3 builders. 

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