‘SCALE’ Documentary Is the Untold Origin Story of Polygon zKEVM

Polygon Labs
July 11, 2023
Image source: Dribbble

In a world on the brink of transformative change, where old systems of control are challenged by technologies heralding a new era of freedom and self-determination, comes a tale of an extraordinary engineering accomplishment. Join a team of visionary coders on their epic odyssey to build a protocol that is owned and run by the people. 

“SCALE” is the untold origin story of Polygon zkEVM. Go behind the scenes with the team that built a protocol for infinite scaling of Ethereum that will transform Web3 and, eventually, the world. 

Attend the screening premiere at EthCC Paris:

  • Date: July 18
  • Time: 7:00pm CEST
  • Location: Maison de la Mutualité
  • Tickets: available now

In “SCALE,” the Polygon zkEVM founding team takes you on a journey from the heart of Catalonia to San Diego, Bogota, Paris, and Berlin. Follow Jordi Baylina, David Schwartz, Antoni Martin as they go from an idea to open-sourced code, public testnet and, finally, mainnet beta. Hear from Polygon co-founders about what this ground-breaking technology means for the future of Web3.

In the words of Jordi Baylina, this is for “any community that wants to be free.”

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