SettleMint’s Blockchain Transformation Platform Integrates with Polygon zkEVM

Enterprises can seamlessly build, tailor, and launch blockchain applications on Polygon zkEVM tailored to any use case through SettleMint’s “click and deploy” Blockchain Transformation Platform

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February 26, 2024
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SettleMint, a company that provides the tools for enterprises to easily and rapidly build and integrate blockchain applications, has integrated the SettleMint Blockchain Transformation Platform (BTP) with Polygon zkEVM, a zero-knowledge (ZK) Layer 2 (L2) rollup for Ethereum. The move enables blockchain application developers in enterprise to seamlessly build, launch, and grow dApps on the EVM-equivalent Polygon zkEVM protocol.

Enterprises that build on Polygon zkEVM through SettleMint’s BTP can focus on maximizing returns from use cases and concentrate on what matters most—user experience and growth. 

SettleMint BTP offers access to best-in-class tooling so developers can build full stack applications on Polygon zkEVM in one platform. This introduces significant cost and time savings by eliminating the need to use multiple tools across each phase of the full-stack blockchain application development lifecycle. Features range from node hosting infrastructure management, to an institutional-grade smart contract builder with use case templates, to built-in systems integration and data indexing tools that connect on- and off-chain data for business applications on Polygon zkEVM.

As the AggLayer develops into its final form, Polygon zkEVM will provide a growth opportunity for enterprises who seek the security of a zero-knowledge (ZK) rollup with the aggregated, multichain network effects of a unified ecosystem. Polygon zkEVM leverages Ethereum’s robust security through a trustless, unified ZK bridge, providing enterprises fast finality and other cutting-edge features. 

As more blockchains plug into the AggLayer, enterprises will be able to tap an aggregated user base and unified liquidity.

“We are thrilled to provide access to Polygon zkEVM through SettleMint’s blockchain transformation platform and to further strengthen our continued partnership with Polygon Labs,” says Matthew Van Niekerk, CEO of SettleMint. “This latest update provides the foundation for successful blockchain transformation with Polygon’s cutting-edge zero knowledge technology.”

Because Polygon zkEVM is equivalent with Ethereum at the bytecode level, Ethereum-native tooling and infrastructure are cross-functional, out of the box, with few or no changes required. Engineers familiar with building EVM applications won’t need to retrain their development teams if they are already versed in building on the EVM.

One of the most exciting use cases for enterprises building on Polygon zkEVM is the tokenization of real world assets. A growing number of enterprises are choosing Polygon technology for tokenization use cases. For security-minded enterprises, Polygon zkEVM is a great choice, using the best available L2 technology to leverage Ethereum mainnet security guarantees.

“The integration of Polygon zkEVM on SettleMint’s Blockchain Transformation Platform will open the doors for enterprises to tap into the potential of zero-knowledge technology to build cutting edge blockchain applications,” says Polygon Cofounder, Jordi Baylina.

To learn how your business can start building enterprise-grade applications on Polygon zkEVM using SettleMint’s Blockchain Transformation Platform, request a demo here.

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