Spatial LABS is Building Hardware for Accessing the Metaverse on Polygon

Polygon Labs
March 15, 2022
Image source: Dribbble

Spatial LABS (sLABS), founded by Iddris Sandu, is a California-based VC studio developing wearable hardware products that can serve as physical entry points into the Metaverse. They chose Polygon’s low-fee, high-speed network to build on.

LNQ, the first project by sLABS, promises to reimagine the way products and fashion interact in both digital and physical worlds to offer users a fully immersive experience. Apparel, wearable items and other physical objects can serve as Points of Experience in the LNQ ecosystem. LNQ is currently under agile development and is set to launch later this year.

Users will be able to create a unique avatar, known as an Aura, that will represent their digital identity in this medium and will be able to customize it with wearables purchased in the app or in real life. As part of sLABS’s decentralized ethos, users will be able to voice their opinion community voting via “Proof-of-Tap,” which will enable the minting and/or collection of assets. This new creative solution will serve as an additional connective layer for their users.

Polygon Studios is teaming up with the team behind this project to navigate through the Web3 ecosystem and build on the battle-tested Polygon network. LA-based sLABS has also partnered with Marcy Venture Partners to focus on incubating and building projects that seek to redefine the cross section between the physical and virtual worlds.

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