Spotlight Quest: Mint Free NFTs When You Learn about Polygon Validators

Polygon Labs
September 6, 2023
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Hey, you. You’re finally awake. You just crossed the border from the desert of Web2 and into the verdant plains of Web3 with shimmering cities of decentralized governance and abundant rivers of liquidity. 

You’ll need a guide, and you’ll have to decide: who are you going to be here? 

Today, Polygon Labs is announcing a new series for all blockchain explorers: Season One of Spotlight Quest: Polygon Validators. 

The concept is simple. Each month, we’ll feature an interview with a Polygon PoS validator. 

Learn what it takes to be a validator, deep-dive into coordination, and better get to know Polygon PoS. Then find the secret passphrase within each spotlight to unlock a mintable NFT on Galxe, with 1000 available to mint. 

Whether reading the blog or listening live to Discord or X Spaces, just one word brings you face to face with your own Validator League NFT.

Season One features five traits:

  • Mage
  • Adventurer
  • Firekeeper
  • Alchemist
  • Miner

Head over to the campaign page on Galxe, here.

Each NFT is directly associated with that month’s spotlight validator. Holders will prove they showed up to support validators and learn about the decentralized web, and in doing so, may even unlock portals to elsewhere…

What are you waiting for, friend? The first interview, with folks at Proton Gaming, is already live. Read the blog, find the code, mint your first trait.

Tune into the Polygon Labs Blog and our social channels to keep up with updates about the Polygon ecosystem.

Together, we can build an equitable future for all through the mass adoption of Web3!

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