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Staking is Coming to Matic Network!

Polygon Team
Polygon Team
Sep 5, 2019
Matic Network

After careful review, due diligence, and months of development & planning, we’re thrilled to announce that Matic Network will launch the first stage of its 3-Stage Staking Process.

3 Stage Staking :

- Pre-Staking (with token lock) on exchanges starting with Coinone
- Beta Testnet with Staking
- Final Mainnet Staking go live

Stage 1 Launch: Pre-Staking with token lock functionality starting with Coinone

Coinone pre-staking program has been designed to give Korean users a first-hand taste of Matic Network staking, where users can lock MATIC tokens for a month & receive staking rewards in the form of MATIC tokens.

NOTE: This is very different than the simple Airdrops in the name of staking that have been done on some exchanges. Here the users will have to lock up their tokens, just like in real staking, in order to earn their staking rewards.

The actual date of the token lockup and staking period start will be communicated by Coinone soon.

Why South Korea & Coinone

The current status of cryptocurrency regulation & consumer adoption in South Korea made it an obvious choice for Matic Network to launch the initiative.

Within South Korea, Matic Network has chosen Coinone to kickoff its Pre-Staking program, which is the first stage of its Staking process. 
Coinone is one of the most reputed and compliant cryptocurrency exchanges in South Korea.

Founded in 2014, Coinone is a Seoul-based cryptocurrency exchange with 40+ token listings with default currency the Korean won. 
Staking is Coming to Matic Network!

Stay tuned for further updates as we progress towards our final staking.

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