Union Brings Cosmos to the AggLayer

IBC, meet AggLayer, for cross-chain transactions and inter-network communication

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April 18, 2024
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Today core developers at Union, the sovereign interoperability layer associated with the Cosmos ecosystem, announced the intention to integrate with the Aggregation Layer (AggLayer), a neutral service that uses zero-knowledge proofs to allow sovereign chains to safely share state and liquidity.

Union will enable near-seamless message passing and asset transfers between chains in the AggLayer and all Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC)-enabled chains. This positions Union as a key AggLayer gateway to and from the IBC, unlocking shared liquidity between Cosmos and the broader AggLayer network. 

With this announcement, Union joins a growing number of AggLayer integrations. Some chains have already connected—such as X Layer, deployed by OKX, Polygon zkEVM, and Astar zkEVM—while others have announced plans to connect, like the Polygon Proof-of-Stake network, NEAR, Canto, Manta Pacific, and more. 

In aggregate, the AggLayer is positioned to be one of the largest networks in crypto by transaction volume, TVL, and aggregated users. 

This is a big step for Union, Cosmos, the Polygon ecosystem, and the AggLayer as a whole. Union’s integration with the AggLayer will unlock more than just transactions; it is another opportunity for developers to build across networks, tap aggregated users, and develop seamless UX. 

Cosmos arrives on the scene

Union leverages zero-knowledge proofs in the IBC to create trustless, decentralized, and permissionless interoperability. 

Its architecture makes it a perfect fit for an aggregated network like the AggLayer: A horizontally scalable web of chains that enable access to shared liquidity and state across sovereign, connected chains. 

The end-goal is to allow the seamless bridging of funds from any IBC-enabled chain to any blockchain connected to the AggLayer. 

A Win-Win-Win

The benefits of Union connecting to the AggLayer will be many. Because Union is a collaborator with Celestia, using its modular stack, Union joining the AggLayer will also connect Celestia’s ecosystem, enabling the free flow of native asset liquidity across networks.

What does this mean in practice for users? 

  • Seamless access to liquidity across chains and execution environments
  • Freedom for technical innovation through open standards
  • Unrestricted liquidity movement and composability with other Web3 protocols
  • Singular connection for interoperability with a basically unlimited number of chains

The AggLayer, in other words, is growing and becoming even better. 

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