Validator Spotlight, Season Two: Luganodes

An institutional-grade staking company talks about cross-chain ambitions—what an aggregated future means for validators.

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March 11, 2024
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Welcome to Season Two of Spotlight Quest: Polygon PoS Validators, where you’ll learn what it takes to be a validator, explore decentralized coordination, and better get to know Polygon PoS validators. For every interview, find the secret passphrase in order to unlock a mintable NFT on Galxe. The first mint, associated with this post, is the Ruby Gemstone.

Luganodes is everywhere.

As one of the world's fastest-growing validating services, with ~$1.5 billion worth of staked assets across 40+ proof-of-stake networks, Luganonodes has become a gateway for enterprises and individuals to contribute to protocol security by staking in proof-of-stake networks. 

In the first installment of Spotlight Quest S2, we chat with Luganodes about infra, what it takes to get by as a staking business, decentralized governance, multichain ecosystems, and why they’re so excited about Polygon’s future as an aggregated blockchain network.

On the Luganodes mission, briefly

Luganodes has a vision to be the leading provider of institutional-grade blockchain infrastructure, driving the advancement and adoption of blockchain technology globally. Our mission is to offer secure and reliable staking services, while actively contributing to the success and decentralization of various blockchain networks.

Outside of staking, for instance, we help projects implement their own blockchains, as part of our ZK rollups as a service (zkRaaS)—including using Polygon CDK as an L2 framework and deploying custom zkSync hyperchains using ZK Stack.  

On world-class validating infrastructure

Our validation infrastructure we’ve built comprises globally distributed bare-metal servers, ensuring 100% non-custodial staking with rigorous security measures. These include: Disk encryption, ledgers, hardware security modules, air-gapped machines for key management, periodic key rotations, internal security audits, and SOC 2 Type II, GDPR, and ISO 27001 certifications. 

We provide slashing insurance for institutional clients and ensure protection against double signing with advanced monitoring, backup options, and self hosted internal services (Chat, Docs, Git, etc.). 

On participating with Polygon PoS governance 

As a leading validator on Polygon PoS, we have had an exceptional experience. We strive to engage deeply in the governance process by attending community calls, contributing to technical content, and performing regular updates integral to be the best validator we can for the Polygon community. We are humbled by the trust of our delegators and partners, and take pride in our operations.

Moving forward, we aim to further enhance our engagement and education initiatives, ensuring seamless navigation and adoption within the Polygon ecosystem.

On the ethos of a multichain world

As a validator for around 40 leading PoS chains on mainnet, we embrace the concept of a multichain world. 

Rather than viewing this as a competitive landscape, we believe in collaboration and harmony among chains, each catering to specialized tasks and user needs. This collaborative spirit is fundamental to the ethos of Web 3, driving innovation and adoption across diverse blockchain networks.

On their exciting role in the aggregated future of Polygon

Our role with Polygon has evolved significantly, beginning as validators and evolving to become contributing launch and implementation providers for initiatives like zkEVM and Polygon CDK (beginning with the legacy version, Supernets).

With Polygon CDK and AggLayer, we're excited about the interoperability and scalability. The ability to launch ZK-powered L2s on Ethereum and achieve seamless interoperability across chains is groundbreaking. As these technologies evolve, we see our role expanding to provide robust infrastructure support and drive adoption within the Polygon ecosystem, leveraging our state-of-the-art infrastructure. As a zkSaaS provider, we're committed to onboarding institutions, users, and developers utilizing Polygon CDK, unlocking the full potential of Web3 applications with instant ZK-rollups.

Our custom deployment options, robust tooling, and 99% uptime guarantee ensure that clients receive a reliable and secure rollup solution tailored to their specific requirements. With Polygon CDK, we offer seamless integration for dApps, enabling lower gas fees, instant finality, and increased utility.

Well done! You uncovered the ~s~cr~ete p~a~ssp~h~ra~se: world-class

On what’s coming up for Luganodes

Our R&D team is constantly scouting the market for us to participate in the growth of new projects with use cases that promote blockchain adoption. We are looking forward to providing our enterprise grade blockchain infrastructure to EigenLayer, Obol, SSV, Injective, Monad and many other exciting protocols. Stay tuned!

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