Wirex Brings Low Fees to Its 4.5 Million Users With Polygon Integration

Polygon Labs
February 23, 2022
Wirex and polygon logo
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Wirex, a leading payments platform and non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet, is going live on Polygon to bring low fees and high transaction speeds to more than 4.5 million users across its ecosystem.

Wirex customers in 130 countries use the mobile app to store their cryptocurrencies. They can also spend multiple tokens and traditional currencies in more than 81 million locations around the world using the Wirex card. 

With Polygon, Wirex customers will see their transactions processed faster and at a relatively low cost without compromising security. The integration will also serve as an entrypoint to Polygon’s rapidly growing ecosystem of over 7,000 decentralized applications (dApps).

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“At Wirex, we want to give crypto users access to the best innovations within the sector, and implementing the Polygon blockchain gives customers more flexibility to choose lower-cost options within DeFi and crypto,” said Pavel Matveev, co-founder and CEO of Wirex.

Since their 2014 launch, Wirex have made strides in providing mainstream access to DeFi and crypto, launching their own native utility token (WXT), and becoming the first company to introduce a crypto reward scheme (Cryptoback™), which earns cardholders up to 2% back in WXT for every transaction they make. In 2021, they continued to innovate by launching their popular X-Accounts feature, releasing the non-custodial Wirex Wallet and partnering with decentralized liquidity market Nereus. 

Head over to the Wirex community forum to learn more about their products. Keep up with the latest Polygon news on our blog & become a part of our social ecosystem!

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