With Solution Provider Network (SPN), Developers Can Now Find and Connect with Any Solution Provider on the Polygon Protocols

Polygon Labs
September 8, 2023
Image source: Dribbble

You have the perfect idea for a dApp and you want to build it on Polygon. But you need all the tooling and infrastructure to reach real users: oracles, bridges, RPC providers, wallets, and more. 

Building this tooling from scratch isn’t a great option, because it takes you away from the focus on your project. So how do you find the infra you need for your dApp to reach real users?

Solution Provider Network (SPN) for the Polygon ecosystem helps devs and solution providers (SPs) alike thrive: SPN is now a completely overhauled and collaborative discoverability platform to connect devs and SPs in real time, all in one place. 

Let’s dive into what this looks like and why it’s such a big deal. 

What is SPN and how does it work? 

SPN is a platform to help developers find, evaluate, and connect to the best-suited SPs for their projects across Polygon chains (PoS and zkEVM for now). Before SPN, solution providers experienced friction connecting with devs and building credibility, even while developers had no clear way to figure out what middleware and tooling existed for their projects.

All that changes with SPN.

Every Polygon solution provider has their own profile so that developers can connect with the SPs directly. By filling out a simple onboarding process and getting listed, any solution provider can be discovered by any dev building in the Polygon ecosystem.

But SPN is not simply a passive directory. 

Solution providers can enhance their visibility and credibility by participating in various activities and completing tasks that enable them to receive badges that help distinguish them and signal their support of the Polygon ecosystem.

SPN is live, right now. What’re you waiting for? Explore 100+ solution providers building on Polygon, with a new landing page and new features–and if you’re a solution provider, start onboarding today!

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