Yield Tokenisation on APWine Now Faster and Cheaper on Polygon

Polygon Labs
March 2, 2022
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APWine, a platform for speculating on yield generated by DeFi protocols, is going live on Polygon!

With APWine, anyone can deposit interest-bearing assets to tokenize yield, get the yield upfront and hedge risk on APY volatility. They can also earn swap fees from APWine’s automated market maker (AMM) for providing liquidity.

APWine introduces two new token types: Principal Token (PT) & Future Yield Token (FYT) which are minted when a user locks in their Interest Bearing Token (iBT).

There is a number of yield-generating strategies to choose from:

  • Sell unrealised yield today at a fixed rate (hedge risk on your passive revenue)
  • Buy discounted Principal Tokens (buy, wait for the expiry and redeem your profits without any risk of volatility)
  • Provide liquidity for the cutting-edge AMM that powers trading between PTs, FYTs & iBTs to earn swap fees

APWine joins over 7,000 dApps already building on Polygon, according to Web3 development platform Alchemy. The integration means that APWine customers can save their speculating for market trends and rest assured they are getting some of the lowest transaction fees and the fastest processing times in the industry while enjoying the same level of security as Ethereum.

Learn more about what APWine can do for you here. Stay tuned to our blog for the latest from Polygon’s vast ecosystem of dApps!

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