Announcing Launch of the First Pioneers on Polygon Supernets

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March 22, 2023
Polygon Solutions
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When the Polygon Supernets project was announced last year, the vision was simple. Blockchain design should be customizable to fit the needs of specific applications. Chains can be designed to fit. 

Today, Polygon Labs is pleased to announce the first ten companies across gaming, DeFi, enterprise, and more set to launch their own Polygon Supernet, with premium end-to-end support by implementation partners and solution providers. 

Dedicated blockchains allow companies to focus on the needs of their business and experience of their users without worrying about bootstrapping validators or complex blockchain architecture. Powered by cutting-edge EVM client technology, Polygon Supernets means customizability over different chain parameters, using industry-leading blockchain tools. Companies have the option to use Polygon Supernets to build high-performing, customisable app-chains they design with low or no transaction costs, and predictable gas fees with native gas token. 

All of this is just the beginning of an interoperable, modular blockchain future that will become an open ecosystem of app-chains, built on Polygon protocols.

Polygon Supernets Pioneers

Polygon Labs is leading the industry with scaling solutions. 

For the last year, developers at Polygon Labs have been working to upgrade the Polygon Supernets tech-stack, addressing feedback from the community, while also working closely with companies interested in launching their own dedicated chain. In that time, Polygon Labs launched a testnet for Polygon zkEVM, with Beta Mainnet just a week away, becoming leaders in zero-knowledge (ZK) technology–which will help Polygon Supernets scale, too. 

Now is the time to embrace an ecosystem of app-chains, dedicated to different use cases. Here are the leaders doing just that, heading to the frontiers of technology:  

Gaming: Nexon, Plai Labs, two different gaming ventures, have all announced plans to build dedicated app-chains using Polygon Supernets. Players will be able to experience bleeding-edge Web3 gaming experiences and explore expanded in-game economies.

DeFi projects: DeFi leaders Nu, Lemon and Ripio will be expanding DeFi applications to dedicated chains leveraging Polygon Supernets. With native interoperability, each of these chains will be synced into the broader Polygon protocol and Ethereum ecosystems.

Enterprises: Acentrik, the state-of-the-art decentralized data marketplace, and Gaia-x, federated and secure data infrastructure, will bring their decentralized data platforms to Polygon Supernets. 

Solution providers: Polygon Supernets projects will be supported from the start by industry-leading solution providers: Axelar, ANKR, Airchains, Bitquery, Bware, Bundlr, Band protocol, Covalent, Layer Zero, Sequence, and Web3Auth.

Implementation partners: Ten implementation partners will help onboard projects to Polygon Supernets: Settlemint, Ethrenal, Blockchain Studios, Nethermind,, MVP Workshop, Stardust, AE Studio, ANKR, and These implementation partners will work with projects to build their respective Polygon Supernets, helping create the architecture for mass adoption by offering design, development, testing, deployment, and support services.

And this is only the beginning. 

What’s Changed a Year On: Updates for Polygon Supernets

Creating high-performing, customizable, and application-specific chains is fast and seamless as never before. 

But arriving at this point took work. This past year, important updates have been made to both the Polygon Supernets app-chain tech stack as well as the underlying EDGE client (versions 0.7+). There is now a more robust and complete app-chain solution. Here are a few of the biggest updates: 


Polygon Supernets support both economic and governance based security models (or a hybrid mix of both) by allowing a project to:

  1. Stake MATIC.
  2. Use app-chain native tokens for validator rewards, or pay in MATIC. Projects decide.
  3. Use Governance features (like allow-lists) to control chain access for validators, smart contract deployers, and/or bridge usage.These features are adaptable to any compliance and/or regulatory program.
  4. Support for privacy preserving transactions. 


  1. Native bridge to Polygon PoS for direct access to the broader Polygon ecosystem. Interoperability, out-of-the-box. 
  2. Support for many third party bridges via the Supernets partnership program for additional access to Ethereum

Improved UX

  1. Includes relayer-type functionality that will allow a Polygon Supernets project  to pay gas fees for users (Account Abstraction based on EIP-3074), encouraging frictionless onboarding. 

Polygon Supernets are instrumental for scaling Ethereum. An ecosystem of scalable, dedicated Polygon Supernets app-chains, with low- or no-cost gas fees, all interconnected and part of the broader Polygon protocol ecosystem, will help Web3 rise to the demands of mass adoption. 

Interested in journeying to the frontier by launching a Polygon Supernets powered app-chain, and want to learn more? Get in touch! Reach out:

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Together, we can build an equitable future for all through mass adoption of Web3!

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