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Announcing the Ethereum Adoption DAO

Polygon Team
Polygon Team
Mar 22, 2022

Polygon invites Web3 builders to participate in a new collaborative initiative, called Ethereum Adoption DAO (EAD), aimed at pushing the adoption and implementation of new innovative projects on Ethereum ecosystem which comprises of mainnet as well as Ethereum scaling platforms

Ethereum means community: communities of developers and builders, mentors and educators, active participants and passive users.

Ethereum also means evolution: from centralized and opaque economies and organizations to progressive decentralization, transparency and accountability.

Ethereum Adoption DAO is a community that wants to assist this evolution by supporting the education of future builders, the formation of new projects and the development of public goods and unicorns on the Ethereum ecosystem.

“More than just a network of nodes and incentives, Ethereum is a community of people united by a common goal,” said Sandeep Nailwal, Polygon co-founder. “A collective business development effort will help expand that web of connections and that’s how we bring the rest of the world to Ethereum.” 


EAD was born from the aspiration to create a DAO with all those who want to commit to a more sustainable, open, permissionless and interoperable reality.

EAD Genesis Members and the founding core team will be responsible for executing the DAO’s mission and will guide its growth towards a progressive and organic decentralization, giving power and governance rights to the participants of the DAO.

While Polygon is proud to kick off this initiative, it will be just one among a number of equal Genesis Members. After the launch, Polygon will work together with the rest of the Membership to help facilitate independence and credible neutrality of EAD, which will then be run by a core team and broader DAO community.


EAD has the aim of amplifying the network effect - already present in the Ethereum communities - to build new relationships between near and distant worlds, thus overcoming the compartmentalized development model often visible today.

The main purposes are:

  • Business Development: Supporting the ideation and initiation of projects as well as collecting leads about projects, and sharing these leads equitably among Ethereum Adoption DAO participants;
  • Education: Helping upcoming and existing projects better understand Ethereum and related technologies by providing a repository of educational and training materials, including potentially developing new bespoke materials;
  • Content creation and aggregation: Providing a platform for the aggregation of existing Ethereum Adoption DAO founder and participant content, as well as the publishing of new content.


EAD is aimed at all those who see Ethereum as the go-to settlement layer for Web3 and Ethereum ecosystem as an innovative environment to build a better future for all.

We are looking for travel companions among Web2 and Web3 developers, dApp builders, enterprises, governments and innovators in this space.

All contributors who collaborate in the growth of the DAO and its operations will be rewarded for their work and incentivized to participate further..

Next Steps

The EAD initiative is open to all, including but not limited to Ethereum scaling solutions, Layer 2s, service providers, infrastructure and tooling providers. Everyone is welcome to join us in supporting the Ethereum ecosystem:

  • As a Genesis Team Member, if you are a leader/ influencer in the Ethereum ecosystem and can contribute your experience and vision;
  • As a Contributor or an Evangelist, if you are a mentor, project manager, developer, student and you want to build the future with us;
  • As a Project, if you are building a Web3 application and you need support from the Ethereum ecosystem.

Visit the Ethereum Adoption DAO website and join the Discord Server to find out more. Stay tuned for upcoming blog posts that detail the implementation plan.

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