Bebop Brings ‘One-To-Many’ & ‘Many-To-One’ Token Trading to Polygon

Polygon Labs
November 8, 2022
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Bebop, a new decentralized trading platform that offers ‘one-to-many’ and ‘many-to-one’ digital asset trading with zero slippage, is now live on Polygon. 

Incubated by the leading digital asset market maker Wintermute, Bebop enables swapping of one token for a portfolio of tokens or several different tokens for just one, all in a single transaction. After launching for a select group of whitelisted users on Ethereum in June and accumulating a waitlist of over 30,000 hopefuls, Bebop has come to Polygon.

Bebop gives users an advantage in fast moving markets by allowing them to enter or exit multiple positions at once while saving money on network fees. The platform also boasts true no-slippage trades, meaning there is no difference between the price a user expects to pay when placing an order and the one it is executed at. 

With one-to-many swaps, it’s possible to create or rebalance an entire portfolio in one move. With many-to-one swaps, it’s trivial to exit multiple positions at once and consolidate funds in a single asset. Doing this on Polygon, also means low fees, high speeds and a vanishingly small carbon footprint. 

“As a zero slippage platform offering full fee transparency, we are always looking for ways to deliver efficient execution,” said Katia Banina, head of product at Bebop. “By DeFi standards, Polygon fees are negligible, which is paramount for delivering this efficiency to all users, for any transaction size.” 

By deploying on Polygon, Bebop joins a vibrant ecosystem of tens of thousands of dApps that includes some of the biggest Web3 projects, such as OpenSea, Aave and Uniswap v3. The combination of the network’s technical capabilities and the core team’s commitment to sustainability has also led companies like Starbucks, Robinhood and Stripe to choose Polygon as their gateway into Web3.

Bebop’s vision is to enable the permissionless transfer of value across any asset and by that allow for anyone in the world to trade any digital asset for any other asset, easily and at a fair price. The next few milestones on Bebop’s roadmap include developing advanced liquidity aggregation, smart execution and cross-chain interoperability.

“Bebop is bringing new and sophisticated tools to Polygon's DeFi sector that expand the user experience greatly and provide new options for experienced and novice traders alike,” said Hamzah Khan, Head of DeFi and Labs at Polygon. “Bebop’s one-to-many trading will become an industry benchmark in years to come, and we’re delighted to help kickstart that journey.”

Head over to Bebop to start trading, follow them on Twitter and join their Discord channel to stay connected. Tune into the Polygon Blog for the latest news from our ecosystem, and let's bring the world to Ethereum!

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