Introducing Polygon Copilot, Your AI-Powered Guide to Polygon and Web3

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June 21, 2023
Polygon Solutions
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There are tens of thousands of dApps running on Polygon protocols, from NFTs and gaming to DeFi and social networks. As the community steps into the 2.0 era of unlimited scaling, navigating the vast Polygon ecosystem will be a challenge without a trusted guide. That's where Polygon Copilot, built by Layer-E, comes in.

Whether you're a serious builder, an enthusiast, or a curious user, Polygon Copilot is an AI-powered interface that unlocks a world of interactions, simply by ‘asking’. Its conversational UI represents a leap in the quality of user experience.

Trained on the extensive documentation of Polygon protocols, Polygon Copilot provides valuable insights, analytics, and guidance across different aspects of the ecosystem. Whether you're looking to grasp the basics or explore advanced features, Polygon Copilot caters to users of all levels.

That’s not all. Polygon Copilot offers two personas to cater different users:

  • Beginner - for users new to the Polygon ecosystem with an easy-to-understand language and guidance on basic building and ecosystem components.
  • Advanced - for experienced users and developers with in-depth knowledge and information about advanced features and functionalities, minting, coding, deploying smart contract, and building more complex products.

Under the hood, Polygon Copilot harnesses the power of OpenAI's GPT-4 large language model. This cutting-edge deep learning breakthrough enables a natural and intuitive way to navigate through information using plain spoken language. It levels the playing field, empowering both beginners and experienced users to make the most of the tools and services available on the Polygon ecosystem.

However, Polygon Copilot strives for continuous improvement. To ensure transparency and accuracy, it shares the sources of the information included in its responses. This empowers users to verify the information and delve deeper into the topic. Additionally, Polygon Copilot goes beyond just answering questions by suggesting related inquiries, fostering an interactive and engaging experience. These related questions encourage users to explore related areas of interest and gain a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.

Polygon Copilot’s responses are limited to avoid spamming and computation load. However, users can earn more credits by performing social tasks such as sharing feedback or contributing to improving the offering. Some lucky users may receive secret codes from partners that can be redeemed for additional credits.

Beyond answering queries, Copilot can assist with analytics and insights across NFTs, DeFi, and wallets using the "/stats" command. Additionally, it enables minting of zkEVM and PoS NFTs within the interface. Through these commands along with convenient hotkeys, Copilot unlocks faster and more efficient interaction with enhance the speed.

Excitingly, upcoming versions of Copilot will introduce new additional commands catering to a wider range of personas and use cases. Moreover, it will also offer powerful extensions and plugins that empower users to automate tasks and streamline processes at both the protocol and dApp levels.

Get started on your Web3 adventure with Polygon Copilot by your side! Tune into the Polygon Labs Blog and our social channels to stay up to date on the latest from the Polygon ecosystem.

Together, we can build an equitable future for all through the mass adoption of Web3!

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