Login with Unstoppable Is Coming to Polygon With $10,000 Prizes Pot for DApps

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November 16, 2022
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Unstoppable Domains is bringing its login solution to decentralized apps (dApps) on Polygon, giving people 100% ownership and control of their Web3 identities.

Login with Unstoppable allows users to log into dApps with their unique Web3 domain. With an Unstoppable domain, any user within the Polygon ecosystem can now sign into more than 350 Web3 applications, replace lengthy crypto wallet addresses on more than 50 wallets and exchanges and create decentralized websites. DApps and developers can also distribute free Web3 domains and sell premium domains to their communities in exchange for a revenue share with this integration.

The ‘Login with Unstoppable powered by Polygon campaign will  provide $10,000 in prizes to the 5 top Polygon projects that integrate Login with Unstoppable in the most creative and interesting way. Polygon dApps can now apply for the prizes in five categories:

  • Most creative use case for Login scopes expose: 3,000 USDC (by Feb. 1)
  • Best use case for domains within an app: 2,000 USDC (by Feb. 1)
  • Most free domains claimed via Login: 2,000 USDC (by Jan. 15)
  • Most unique Logins: 2,000 USDC (by Jan. 15)
  • Most impactful utilization of Login Analytics: 1,000 USDC (by Feb. 1)

Polygon believes that digital identity in Web3 should be portable instead of app specific, controlled by the user instead of a corporation, and live on the blockchain instead of a private database. Our own Polygon ID, a sovereign identity solution based on Zero Knowledge proofs, is a step in that direction.

Since Unstoppable Domains migrated to Polygon in November 2021, the network has been used to register about 1.38 million names by more than 390,000 users, with the most popular domains being .nft, .crypto and .wallet, according to Dune Analytics. People have also saved millions of dollars in fees.

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Learn more about how Unstoppable’s custom Web3 domains can benefit your business here and tune into the Polygon Blog for the latest from our ecosystem.

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