Polygon-Powered Icetea Labs Accelerator Launches With 6 Startups

Polygon Labs
September 26, 2022
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Polygon has teamed up with Alpha Venture DAO and Icetea Labs to launch the inaugural Icetea Labs Accelerator Program for blockchain startups. 

Working in a tight three-way partnership, Polygon is co-creating an accelerator to funnel resources, mentorship, education, and business acumen to promising Web3 companies from around the world. The startups selected for the accelerator will receive intensive training over the course of eight weeks as they learn to grow their business and find product/market fit across gaming, metaverse, and NFT utility products. 

Our partnership for this accelerator program showcases the best of what’s possible in providing resources to projects in Web3. Alpha Venture DAO is a leading community-owned Web3 venture ecosystem in Southeast Asia, and Icetea Labs is a world-class blockchain incubator launching its first full-fledged accelerator program. 

A quick breakdown of metrics for the inaugural accelerator: 

  • 250 applications spanning NFT utility, gaming, and metaverse for just six spots
  • 2% acceptance rate
  • 73,000 votes cast by the community for their favorite projects

Thank you to all applicants! If you didn’t make the cut, Polygon has other resources specifically for you. Keep an eye on Polygon Village, where startups can tap into grants and other resources to get the resources they need to build #onPolygon. 

Without further ado, let’s meet the first cohort of the Icetea Labs Accelerator Program. 

Victory Point

Victory Point
  • A free-to-play, first- and third-person AAA multiplayer shooter, with play-to-earn game mechanics built on Unreal Engine 5.
  • Players can tap into an NFT marketplace, a video-sharing platform for memes and video recaps, and a launchpad for projects tapping into their Real Yield economic model. 


  • The world’s first free-to-play-to-earn multiplayer online battle arena NFT game. 
  • High-quality gameplay and sustainable economics entice players through three tiers of skills, with a dual-token economy to enrich gameplay experience. 

Trouble Punk | Cyber Gals

Trouble Punk
  • An online fighting action game in battle royal style that emphasizes fun gameplay with a compelling narrative. 
  • Free to play is supported for players without tokens or NFTs, while a play and earn mode exists for Yooldo NFT holders.

Nexity Network

Nexity Network
  • Building a blockchain-based, transparent circular economy to reimagine how we do business, design and consume goods, and recycle products. 


  • Disrupting the WebToon industry with a blockchain-backed platform to become a leading next generation NFT ecosystem. 

Octan Network

Octan Network
  • Appchain running on Proof of Reputation to help developers working in GameFi and SocialFi to make, distribute, and monetize their products quickly and fairly. 
  • Includes an SDK, ranking system, Web3 toolkit, and marketplace for NFT applications. 

Help us congratulate the first cohort!

If your NFT, gaming, or other Web3 project isn’t quite far enough along for an accelerator, you might be ready for the practical experience of a hackathon. Take a moment to put the following on your map:

There are other ways to get connected, too. If you want to get involved in your local Web3 community, find a Polygon Guild near you, or spin up your own. And stay tuned to our blog, join our Discord, and follow us on our social media handles for information about upcoming events. 

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