Polygon zkEVM: Elderberry Upgrade Coming to Mainnet Beta

The latest upgrade for Polygon zkEVM brings important ROM optimizations. Here’s what you need to know.

Polygon Labs
February 27, 2024
Polygon Solutions
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Today, the 10-day timelock for upgrading Polygon zkEVM Mainnet Beta was initiated. The transaction containing the proposal for Elderberry and the upgraded contract can be checked here:

The changelogs for the node and prover can be found here: 

The timelock for upgrading the network, which follows the governance model for Polygon zkEVM, concludes on March 07. We remind devs that the timelock is in place for their security and protection, giving sufficient time to withdraw funds, if desired, before an upgrade is implemented.

Here’s what’s included in Elderberry, how to use it on testnet, and what you’ll need to do once it’s live on Polygon zkEVM Mainnet Beta.

What’s in Elderberry? Important optimizations to the ROM that will reduce certain out of counter errors on the network and some additional fixes to last month’s Etrog upgrade. The ROM interprets the execution logic of all transactions and all opcodes for Polygon zkEVM—it is to Polygon zkEVM what the EVM Interpreter is to Ethereum. (For more on the ROM, see the Polygon Knowledge Layer.) 

How can you independently verify the upgrade? Instructions can be found on GitHub

The Elderberry upgrade is available on testnet today. Here’s how to connect:

When will Elderberry go live on mainnet? The purpose of testnet is to apply real-world stress on the upgrade, which means an exact date is as-yet unknown. But assuming the network is stable, Elderberry will likely go live on mainnet around March 07.

Do I need to do anything once it’s live? It depends. If you’re an infra dev that helps maintain network infrastructure, you’ll need to update to the latest versions of the node, prover, and bridge service. We’ll update this post with those links, once they’re available. If you’re a dApp dev or end user, you won’t need to take any action. Everything from your perspective will be the same.

To stay up-to-date on Elderberry, tune into the blog and our social channels.

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