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PolygonInsights - WEEK14

Polygon Team
Polygon Team
Apr 14, 2022
Polygon Analytics

Hola readers! Polygon is pledging $20 Mn to offset its carbon dioxide emissions, Polygon DAO announced the launch of PolygonVillage- A full-stack ecosystem for devs to Buidl and Grow, MATIC is now listed on Robinhood, and Luxury brand Bulgari will launch their NFT collection on Polygon.

Let’s dive in. 

Key takeaways: 

This week, Polygon PoS has escalated its transaction count for the fourth consecutive week to 3.13 mm, with the primary drivers being OpenSea (957k), Pegaxy (939k), and the new entrant to the list Aavegotchi (530k). This growth was accompanied by a spectacular increase in the userbase of  Sunflower framers (64%), Aavegotchi (51%), and Spehere finance (72%). 

  • Gas Fee saved by using Polygon: $63 Million daily ($20 per Txn)

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