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PolygonInsights - WEEK26

Polygon Team
Polygon Team
Jul 5, 2022
Polygon Analytics

Hola readers! Facebook begins testing Ethereum and Polygon NFTs on profiles, Polygon Avail launches on Testnet, and Plutus signs an agreement with polygon Studios to co-develop a solution that enables high-speed and low-fee transactions.

Let’s dive in. 

Key takeaways: 

Karmaverse (7k, +17%), Good Ghosting (6.1k, +361%) and Slingshot (5.5k) entered the Top 20 performing dApps. 1inch climbed up by 73%, reaching ~37k and secured the second spot in the list of top-performing dApps in the DeFi ecosystem. Uniswap v3 continued the upward trend - Users (17k, +8%) and Transactions (111k).

  • Gas consumed: $ 3807 Bn (+3%)

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