PolygonInsights - WEEK30

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August 2, 2022
Polygon News
Image source: Dribbble

Hola readers! Acentrik, a decentralized data marketplace developed by Mercedes-Benz, is now deployed on the Polygon mainnet,  Data Lake, a global medical data donation system, is launching on Polygon, and Bueno is integarating with us to offer faster and cheaper ways to mint NFTs.

Let’s dive in.

Key takeaways:

Transaction/day climbed to a solid 2.89 Mn (+2%) and the cost/transaction ($0.020) was 13% cheaper. Weekly NFT mints grew for the third consecutive week, reaching 4.76 Mn (+13%). Sunflower Land, currently the top performing dApp, crossed the 50k user mark and processed more than 310k transactions. Crazy Defense Heroes, one of the Top performing P2E games on Polygon in Q2, grew its userbase by 460% in the past week to 8k and resurfaced in the Top 15 protocols.

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