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PolygonInsights - WEEK38

Polygon Team
Polygon Team
Sep 28, 2022
Polygon Analytics
PolygonInsights Week 38

Hola readers! TagSpace, a metaverse platform, has chosen Polygon as its entry point to Web3, Ankr, a crypto infrastructure platform, has partnered with us to help bring the best of Web3 developer tools for builders on Polygon, and The Ocean Conservation Exploration and Education Foundation has teamed up with Polygon to bring people across the globe closer to deep-sea missions in more engaging ways.

Let’s dive in.

Polygon Network Analysis

Key takeaways: 

  • Weekly active users grew to 1Mn+ (+8%) last week, the highest since the second week of May 2022. The upward trend has continued for the third consecutive week and is driven by a dramatic increase across our Top games.
  •  New entrants in the Top 50: Odos (3.7k, +528%), Overnight Finance (2.1k, +289%), Polycat Finance (1.9k, +430%), and Voxies (1.4k, +50%). 
  • While NFT Active wallets (224k) have had consistent growth over the last month, the NFT Volume portrayed a turbulent trend but closed on a high note in the past week ($400 Mn), the highest of this month. 
  • The Daily NFT Sales climbed to $238 Mn on 19th September, the highest in 30 days, driven by veDYST (Financial NFT) had the maximum share of $215 Mn.
Polygon dApp Spotlight
Polygon NFT Highlights
NFT Highlights

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