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PolygonInsights - WEEK47

Polygon Team
Polygon Team
Nov 30, 2022
Polygon Analytics
Polygon Network Analysis

Key takeaways: 

  • NFT Weekly wallets (2.2 Mn, +51%) increased for the third consecutive week, the highest since the week of Aug. 29.
  • Benji Bananas continues to gain users as always, reaching 220k (+162%). Games that surfaced in the Top 40 for the first time: Infinity Keys (4.9k, +21,300%) and Bomb Crypto 2 (4k, +2%).
  • Top collections last week (by volume): Uniswap V3 Positions NFT-V1 ($95 Mn, +32%), KyberSwap v2 NFT Positions Manager ($20 Mn), and Algebra Positions NFT-V1 ($12 Mn, +5%).
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