PolygonInsights - WEEK48

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December 7, 2022
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Polygon Network Analysis

Key takeaways:

  • Weekly active addresses grew by 13%, primarily due to an increase across new gaming entrants in the Top 15 protocols: The Sandbox (11.7k, +167%) and Gscdapp (10.3k, +10.5%). Apart from these, DeFi protocols continue to expand their user base: Quickswap (17.8k, +46%), Kyberswap (13.4k, +53%), and Sushiswap (10.2k, +68%). 
  • Weekly NFT Mints are on an upward track after dropping last week, reaching 26.8 Mn. NFT Active wallets climbed to 2.5 Mn, up 13.6% from the previous week. 
  • Average monthly market cap jumped to a whopping $8.3 Bn (+27.6%). On the developer front, total contract creations for November were the highest since July, reaching a solid 66k.
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Polygon NFT Highlights

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