Polygon’s Asia-Pacific Lead Talks Top Talent Before Taipei Blockchain Week

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December 12, 2022
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Earlier this month, we saw the end of the Web3: Made in India campaign, a Polygon tour across the country to celebrate developers building the future of the web. The campaign revolved around a central, powerful idea: If Web2 emerged from the culture of Silicon Valley, Web3 is the provenance of developers all over the world.

That’s why the team from Polygon is excited to touchdown at Taipei Blockchain Week, Dec. 12-17!

With Taipei Blockchain Week here we’ll be talking today to Kevin Ang, the regional lead for all things Polygon in Asia-Pacific (APAC), which includes Korea, Japan, China, and Southeast Asia. 

Polygon Tech funded nearly $200,000 of developer-specific hackathons and events in APAC in Q3 alone. The region is simmering with energy. Events like Polygon Connect: Korea were designed in the service of developers at every stage of their Web3 journey. There’s a huge interest to move into the quickly evolving landscape of Web3, with low barriers to entry and significant upside. 

Kevin tells us a little about what to expect in Taipei, as well as his approach to helping developers in the region to build the blockchain projects of their dreams.

Q: Hi Kevin! Can you tell us what you’re excited to see at Taipei Blockchain Week? 

A: Hi! I’m REALLY excited for this event. Polygon is doing a few important things to celebrate developers, because that’s the core of my work: celebrating, supporting, and guiding folks to the resources they need.

I’ll be giving a keynote on Dec. 13 to share what Polygon is working on to help builders in the space. This includes our Guilds and Advocates programs, Polygon Village, and all the other resources available to make sure you have what you need to build.


We’ll also be participating in Taipei Blockchain Week’s Developer Bootcamp. Our emphasis will be on a “Deep Dive into Polygon ID,” the workshop title on Dec. 15. Topics covered: current problems of online identity, and potential real-world use cases that PolygonID solves, plus the right docs and resources to help anyone start building on Polygon ID right away. 

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At Taipei Blockchain Week, we’re emphasizing the transition of Web2 developers into the welcoming waters of Web3, with support from our team to field questions and help sync up new communities. A huge focus for us in this region is to help the influx of developers learn more about Web3. 

Most countries in APAC are still learning about blockchain and Ethereum. For example, Vietnam has about 500,000 IT software engineers and ~60,000 software graduates a year. Last year, South Korea had nearly 10,000 developer jobs that couldn’t be filled, according to the state run Software Policy and Research Institute. This number is estimated to balloon up to 15,000 job openings with no qualified applicants to fill the roles. The skills gap described by the WEF is a real phenomenon–too much technical need, not enough technical knowhow. 

So events like Taipei Blockchain Week are excellent proof that careers in Web3 are not only possible, but in high demand. Developers entering the space can expect community and support from Polygon Technology. 

Q: You’re in touch with a lot of developers at different stages of their journeys. What are some cool projects from hackathons or events that you’ve met?

There are almost too many to mention. But here are a couple recent projects that come to mind: At ETH Vietnam, we saw zkNAM, a team from Malaysia that’s building an NFT auction marketplace utilizing PolygonID for privacy. There’s a lot of innovation happening across NFTs and gaming, like My Meta Farm, a really compelling game out of Vietnam. 

That’s just a couple of a ton of young, exciting projects! The number cropping up each month is impressive. We love turning out for these events to see what builders are up to, and really listen to their needs.

Q: What’s up next?  

A: Check out this map to see everything that we’ve been doing in recent months. From Techfest Penang (my hometown, shoutout!) to BUIDL Asia Vietnam; from huge growth in our Ho Chi Minh City Guild, to the Upbit Developers Conference in Busan; and then translating developer docs into Korean and partnering with Coinbase, Tencent, Builders Tribe, and more to co-host the BUIDLERs JAM at Token2049: it’s been amazing to watch developers flourish in Web3 across the region.


In the coming months, we’ll continue to work on all kinds of initiatives and activities to help developers and teams build! Keep your eyes peeled. 

If you couldn’t make any of our events this year, there are a ton of other ways to get involved with building on Polygon. Check out our socials and blog for more info! 

Thanks, Kevin! 

Tune to the Polygon Blog and our social channels for more on the latest from the Polygon ecosystem.

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Polygon 亚太负责人在“台北区块链周”活动开幕前夕聊行业顶级人才

在本月早些的时候, 印度 Web3 活动 “Made in India "才刚刚圆满结束,这是 Polygon 在印度国内进行的一次巡回活动,目的是为了与开发者一起建设Web3的未来。该活动围绕着一个强有力的中心思想展开:如果说Web2是从硅谷的文化中产生的,那么Web3则是全世界开发者一起共创的结晶。

因此,Polygon 团队也很高兴能够在12月12日至12月17日期间参与”台北区块链周“活动。

随着”台北区块链周“活动的到来,我们今天很荣幸与 Kevin Ang 进行交流,他是 Polygon 在亚太地区的负责人,包括韩国、日本、中国和东南亚。

仅在第三季度,Polygon Tech 就为亚太地区的黑客松以及各类开发者活动赞助了近20万美元的资金。亚太地区充满能量与机会。类似 Polygon Connect 韩国专场这类的活动是为在 Web3 旅程中不同阶段的开发者服务的。很多开发者对进入快速发展的 Web3 领域有着浓厚的兴趣,入门门槛低,且上升空间很大。

Kevin 和我们聊了一些他对于台北旅程的期待,以及他将如何帮助该地区的开发者们建设他们梦想中的区块链项目。

问:嗨 Kevin! 可以和我们分享一下你对“台北区块链周”的期待吗?

答:嗨!对于此次台北之旅,我真的非常期待。Polygon 正在做一些很重要的事情来支持开发者,这也是我工作的核心:支持和引导开发者们获得他们所需要的资源及帮助。

我将在12月13日为开发者们做一个主题演讲,分享 Polygon 为帮助大家在这个领域(Web3)所做的工作。这包括我们的 Polygon Guilds、Polygon Advocates Programs、Polygon Village,以及其他所有可用的资源,以确保开发者们拥有建设项目所需的一切。

我们还将参加 “台北区块链周” 的开发者训练营。我们在12月15日研讨会的重点主题将是 “深入了解 Polygon ID”。内容包括:当前链上身份的问题,以及 PolygonID 所能解决的潜在现实世界的用例,我们还会提供相关的文档信息和资源,任何人都可以立即开始在 Polygon ID 上进行构建。

阅读更多:Introducing Polygon ID, Zero-Knowledge Identity for Web3

在 “台北区块链周” 活动上,我们会重点讨论 Web2 开发者过渡到 Web3 的“友好阶段”,我们的团队会为这一阶段的开发者提供各种支持,回答问题并将开发者带入新社区。我们在亚洲的一个巨大重心就是帮助开发者们了解更多关于 Web3 的信息,因为该地区许多国家仍在学习区块链和以太坊。例如,越南有大约50万名 IT 软件工程师,每年有大约6万名软件专业毕业生。根据国营的软件政策和研究机构数据,在去年,韩国有近1万个开发人员的工作岗位缺人。这个空缺岗位数字估计会持续增长到15000个,但却依旧没有合格的申请人来填补这些职位。世界经济论坛描述的技能差距是一个真实的现象--当前技术岗位需求过量,但技术知识匹配却不足。

因此,像 “台北区块链周” 这样的活动很好地证明了 Web3 领域的就业机会不仅是可能的,而且需求量是很大的。进入该领域的开发者可以期待来自 Polygon Technology 的社区支持。


答:我觉得有太多项目可以拿出来说。这里我说一些近期的项目吧。在 ETH Vietnam 活动中,我们了解到 zkNAM,一个来自马来西亚的团队,他们正在建立一个利用 PolygonID 保护隐私的 NFT 拍卖市场。在 NFT 和游戏方面也有很多创新项目,比如越南的 My Meta Farm 项目,这是一个非常引人注目的游戏。



答:看看这张地图,看看我们近几个月来所做的一切。从槟城的Techfest(这是我的家乡,大声叫好!)到越南的 BUIDL Asia 活动;从胡志明市公会的巨大增长,到釜山的 Upbit 开发者大会;从将开发者文档翻译成韩语,到与 Coinbase、腾讯、Builders Tribe 等合作,在Token2049 上共同举办 BUIDLERs JAM:看着整个亚太地区的开发者在 Web3 中蓬勃发展,真的是令人惊讶。

在未来的几个月里,我们将继续致力于举办各种倡议和活动,以帮助开发人员和团队构建项目! 请密切关注 Polygon 团队!!

如果你今年没机会参加我们 Polygon 的任何活动,没关系,还有很多其他方式可以参与到 Polygon 的建设中来。请查看我们的社交网站和博客,以便了解更多信息。


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