The Year of the Dev | Kicking It Off at the Pit with Jump Crypto

Polygon Labs
January 23, 2023
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Hey you. Welcome to 2023.

The DevRel team at Polygon Labs is back from touching grass, and we couldn’t be more excited, because guess what? It’s your year.

The Polygon protocol was created by developers, for developers. And in 2022, together we hit major milestones like Polygon zkEVM that make it possible for you to build the dApps of your dreams and transcend transaction bottlenecks. But the ecosystem is only as impactful as the developers building here.

So, we’re kicking the year off with a tone-setter, a raucous accelerator, a dev-first-dev-center event: Polygon Labs @ the Pit, with Jump_. This application-only two-week accelerator will guide developers to the resources and mentorship they need to thrive in the quickly changing web3 landscape.

The stakes? $100,000 in prizes and bounties for the most promising projects founders can cook up. The Pit is Jump’s space to bring together the best builders to create the future of Web3, a place they can belong to and be inspired by. Situated in Chicago, the Pit is hitting the road this year, with its first stop in Singapore.

Networking Wednesdays and Demo Fridays bring participants in contact with movers-and-shakers of Web3, plus ample opportunities to hear from blockchain gurus, like Polygon Labs’ co-founders Sandeep Nailwal and Jaynti Kanani.

The event has already reached capacity – but you know what? We’ve got more opportunities for you in the pipeline. Don’t miss another chance to apply to future accelerators and hackathons. Sign up for the Polygon Labs’ developer newsletter today

Developers Bring the Value


Now’s a good time to remember why we build at all.Web3 is for fundamental ownership over digital identity. It’s for bypassing centralized chokepoints and capturing more of the value you create. As a developer, you’re the architect and athlete in this extraordinary and emerging field of sport.

What you need are resources — world-class dev docs and bleeding-edge tools. You’ll bring everything else, like vision, work ethic, and a build-together, build-in-public ethos, so you can make never-before-seen dApps for the other side of today.Polygon Labs knows all of this. We know how valuable developers are.That’s why we prioritize IRL events like the Pit to reach the brightest stars in Web3. The global, grassroots-driven network of Polygon Guilds brings Web3 enthusiasts face-to-face for networking, educating, and ~vibes~.

But not everyone can show up. So we have a wealth of digital resources, as well, to take any developer, at any stage of their career, and kick their dev journey to the next level. Sophisticate yourself at Polygon University, take a leisurely scroll through the technical docs, or browse through the many different Github pages.

There’s tons to learn, and a lot of community members eager to help. Check out this amazing list of resources to get started.

We also love to support projects that migrate from other ecosystems, like y00ts, that can now tap into the wider Ethereum and EVM landscape via the Polygon PoS chain. Ethereum is the foundation of Web3, and the future of Ethereum is on Polygon.

So let’s do it. Onboard a billion users!

We’re building a better internet that works for more people, redistributing power for a better world. Huge shout out to our partners at the Jump_ for making the accelerator possible–be sure to check out their Twitter.

Polygon Labs @ the Pit is just the start of an extraordinary year for you, the developer. Stay on top of all developer opportunities by tuning into our blog or subscribing to our newsletter, and join us in bringing mass adoption to Web3!

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