City of Lugano Upgrades Payment App to Add Polygon PoS

Residents of Europe’s budding crypto-capital can now make payments throughout the Polygon ecosystem

Polygon Labs
November 22, 2023
Image source: Dribbble

City of Lugano’s MyLugano payment app integrated Polygon PoS, inviting the residents of Europe’s most crypto-friendly municipality to explore the rapidly growing Web3 ecosystem on Polygon PoS.

The updated version of the app already features an asset section which lets users activate and manage a multichain digital wallet for personal custody. Several tokens have already been integrated into this section of the app, designed above all to meet the needs of more experienced users, and new ones may be added in the future.

MyLugano, a winner of the prestigious IEEE Smart City Award, has allowed more than 30,000 users, or almost half of the city’s population, to access a loyalty circuit through LVGA, the city's own stablecoin. The addition of Polygon PoS transforms MyLugano into an increasingly innovative local payment tool and also opens the door for its users to explore tens of thousands of decentralized apps built on the Polygon network.

City of Lugano is looking to transform the picturesque lakeside town in southern Switzerland into Europe’s blockchain capital. The plan is to allow citizens and companies to use Bitcoin, Tether and LVGA to pay their annual taxes, parking tickets, public services and student tuition fees, paving the way for cryptocurrencies becoming a legal tender in the city. Polygon PoS will be providing the rails on which some of the transactions will run.

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MyLugano is also launching a new NFT collection dedicated to the work by artist Yuri Catania. LVGA/XY Flowers, created in collaboration with Lugano Living Lab, is a 40-meter long, 8-meter high work on the wall of the Palazzo dei Congressi that involved several hundred people in its creation. 

The physical work, created with the paste-up technique, is designed to gradually disappear. The over 2,000 paper flowers glued to the wall will become real flowers and will be planted in a new green area. The art piece will also live on as NFTs on the Polygon network, signed by the artist and distributed to all who participated in its creation. 

For further details and to download the MyLugano app, visit the website. Tune into the blog and our social channels to keep up with updates about the Polygon ecosystem.

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