Polygon Labs Announces DevX Global Tour

Polygon Labs
March 22, 2023
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If there’s a single creative force keeping the spirit of a decentralized, permissionless internet alive, it’s you, DeveloperX. And in this year of the dev, we have big news for you.  

Polygon Labs is excited to announce our coordinated, world-wide campaign to break Web3 loose from the bonds of the future. You’re working furiously toward a better, more equitable internet. We’re working furiously to help you. 

DevX Global Tour is our many-headed hydra, coming to EVERY continent. A global tour of regional hackathons and Guild events that will culminate in an exclusive, invite-only Polygon Connect, reserved for the best of the best.

We’ll ask of you one thing: Show us what you’ve got.  Sign up now

Regional Hackathons <> Guild Events

Somewhere on this planet, hiding in plain sight, is a hero, a Web3 unicorn of interdimensional significance that can and will build the killer, globe-eating dApp.

Web2 was built in silos, but at Polygon Labs, we know firsthand the power of permissionless, public systems. Anyone, anywhere can access the extreme upsides of building in Web3.

And we think another big change is coming. You’re it. Tag. Doesn’t matter where you are. DevX World Tour is coming to help you hack your way to a new reality with the best dApps in Web3, on Polygon.

Where to find us

Hackathon by hackathon, show us what you’ve got. We’ll select FIVE winners from every region to participate in an invite-only Polygon Connect.  

This will be your chance for the big leagues. From Web3 OGs eager to see new blood enter the ecosystem, to VCs ready to take the next step, to influential ecosystem projects overflowing with mentors that will help you: Polygon Connect is our hub to the spoke of bleeding-edge innovation. 

Your dApps? Ready. Your acumen? Sharp as a blade. Your future? Inestimable, unbounded, bright. It’s a moment when no one expects Web3 to eat the world. Except you. It’s the #YearoftheDev, after all. 

A HUGE shout-out to the global partners helping make DevX Global Tour possible: 

So what’re you waiting for? Sign up now, join a Guild, build your community. 

Together, we can build an equitable future for all through mass adoption of Web3!

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