OKX Launches X Layer, Built with Polygon CDK, Enabling 50M+ Users to Tap Unified Liquidity of the AggLayer

X Layer becomes the third protocol to connect to the AggLayer, joining Astar zkEVM and Polygon zkEVM. Dozens of core infra providers and dApps are already integrated on the ZK Layer 2, including Galxe, The Graph, and QuickSwap.

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April 16, 2024
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Today, OKX launched X Layer mainnet, a ZK-powered Layer 2 (L2) built with Polygon CDK—and integrated with the AggLayer. This announcement brings 50M+ OKX users into a neutral, decentralized, and horizontally scalable multichain environment in the AggLayer. 

The OKX platform’s OKB token will become X Layer’s native token and be used to pay for gas fees on the network.

OKX is the fourth largest crypto exchange by trading volume and third by monthly users, consistently generating more than $3 billion in daily trades. Following the X Layer mainnet launch, OKX’s colossal and globally diverse community will be fully interoperable with all other chains connected to the AggLayer. That means the value, liquidity, activity, and beneficial network effects of OKX’s community will also benefit from every other connected chain—now and in the future.

Core crypto projects and infra have already integrated support for X Layer, including LayerZero, The Graph, QuickSwap, Galxe, Timeswap, and many others. Just a week after last November’s announcement, more than 50 platforms were deployed on the X Layer testnet. 

X Layer is built with Polygon CDK (Chain Development Kit), a ZK-based, modular, and open source software toolkit for blockchain developers to launch new L2 chains on Ethereum or transition existing L1 chains into the AggLayer. 

This is a big step for an aggregated network. Now three ZK-powered protocols are connected to the first component of the AggLayer. Expect this number to grow even more in the coming months—a lot more. rollupCount++

With the forthcoming integrations of chains such as Polygon PoS, Manta Pacific, IDEX, and Swell Network, the AggLayer is set to offer unparalleled liquidity and scalability, becoming one of the biggest unified crypto environments in the world. Instead of multiple bridges to Ethereum—as is the case in other multichain networks—all chains connected to the AggLayer share a unified bridge. 

One bridge means X Layer users will soon experience a multichain environment with the feel of a single chain. 

For OKX users, all of this means: No cumbersome, cross-chain bridging required; a broader, deeper pool of onchain liquidity; and better developer experience for dApps that want to build for the OKX community. 

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