Welcome to Polygon University Beta, the Next Generation of Web3 Education

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October 25, 2022
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Finding trustworthy, accessible education about blockchain development can be hard for budding developers and Web3 gurus alike. There’s too much noise and hype, and too little substantive engagement with detailed insight. 

That’s why we launched Polygon University Beta: to make hands-on developer education reliable and easy to approach. 

The vision for Polygon University is simple. Any motivated learner will develop the skills to build in Web3 and help scale the public infrastructure of Ethereum. By working through the collected material on the University’s website, you’ll learn all you need to know to get started on Polygon.

Designed by an experienced team of passionate developer educators for anyone interested in Web3, the modules in the University focus on learning-by-building. 

This experiential approach to education is a more effective, skills-focused framework that measures what learners can do with the knowledge and skills they acquire, rather than what learners can remember. In the quickly changing landscape of Web3, it’s essential for developers to stay up-to-date with the latest innovations, especially as more companies embrace a decentralized internet. 

The number of developers who joined Web3 in 2021 was more than at any other point in history. But even though many universities are beginning to teach blockchain development, the education remains patchy. And rapid innovations can prove difficult to keep up with.

Polygon University was launched to fill this gap, so make sure you sign up to Polygon University to start learning right away.

From Zero Knowledge to PoS: Learn by Doing

The beta launch of Polygon University coincided with the zkEVM Public Testnet announcement at Polygon Connect event in Bogota, by design. As a first-of-its-kind Zero Knowledge EVM, we wanted to support the launch with the right resources for anyone to understand the next chapter of Ethereum. 

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The introductory course to Polygon zkEVM includes a live tutorial to help developers connect to the public zkEVM testnet. It’s easy to get started. Plus, the zkEVM course explains the mechanisms and importance behind Polygon’s zk-oriented future, if you’re not feeling ready to play on the testnet. 

Take a look at the other course offerings to get a sense of the scope of subjects that will be covered at the University. Between modules and labs, students will be immersed with the bleeding-edge of what Polygon has to offer.

We are committed to building the most robust ecosystem of scaling solutions for Ethereum. The future infrastructure of the new internet will be decentralized, permissionless, and self-sovereign. But learning to build in Web3 requires doing things differently. 

Polygon University is just the beginning, one key component of Polygon's broader plan to onboard tens of millions of developers into Web3, and empower them with the right resources, mentorship, and knowledge to thrive. 

You can sign up here to receive the latest updates from Polygon University and receive announcements about all future opportunities. 

Tune into our blog to learn more about the Polygon ecosystem. Let’s bring the world to Ethereum! 

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