Polygon zkEVM Public Testnet is live!
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Ethereum Scaling Solutions

Polygon Edge

A modular and extensible framework for building private or public Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks.

Deploy your own blockchain networks with ease

Polygon Edge enables you to run your own blockchain network with customizable features. It is guided by the principles of modular architecture and provides Ethereum compatibility to your network.

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Bring your Ethereum Smart Contracts with you

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    Users able to interact with industry standard wallets through JSON-RPC
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    Develop with Solidity/Vyper, full EVM support
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    Build using widely-adopted Ethereum tooling, libraries and development tools
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    Streamlined UX when doing cross-chain operations

Custom features

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    Build by developing plugins, not by forking
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    Developer-friendly plugin system
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    Change the core functionalities with Consensus plugins
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    Go beyond Ethereum’s Smart Contracts with Runtime plugins

Cross-chain communication

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    Completely trustless and decentralized built-in Ethereum Bridge solution
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    Transfer assets to and from any EVM compatible network, most notably Polygon and Ethereum mainnets
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    Transfer ERC-20 tokens, NFTs or wrapped native currencies
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    Customize the bridge functionality using Bridge plugins

Modular with extensibility

Polygon Edge modules cover the whole blockchain stack and are designed with developer experience and extensibility in mind.
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Implementing Polygon Edge results in below numbers.

Finality of transactions

2 sec

Block Production Time

> 10

Network Validators

Polygon supernets

The best way to use Polygon Edge is through Polygon Supernets.

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