Privacy Scales Better

A zero-knowledge rollup for high-throughput and private applications.

Polygon Miden is a modular execution layer that extends Ethereum's capabilities using powerful features such as parallel transaction execution and client-side proving. With Miden, developers can create novel, high throughput, privacy preserving dApps for DeFi, RWA and Autonomous Worlds using their favourite languages such as Rust and TypeScript.

Explore beyond the EVM while retaining the security of Ethereum


Build novel applications

  • Computational- or data-heavy or private applications are cheap to run
  • Build complex incomplete information games, and advanced wallets with assets hidden from the public

High Throughput

  • Actor-based model allows for concurrent transaction execution
  • Build order-book exchanges on Miden

Asset Safety

  • Account abstraction and Move provide a secure environment for your assets
  • Build wallets that can change keys and be recovered; stay sovereign with your data

Own your data

  • Users can decide which data is stored by the network and visible and which data only they can see
  • Build wallets for founders and liquidity providers - easy to manage and partially hidden

Polygon Miden’s new paradigm:
client-side proving

The Miden VM is optimized for STARK-proofs and not for EVM-equivalence. Developers will need to learn new paradigms compared to Ethereum but can also expect features beyond EVM boundaries enabled by local execution.

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