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Ethereum Scaling Solutions

Scalable data availability focused blockchain

A core component of the modular blockchain movement coming in the near future. Targeted towards off-chain scaling solutions and standalone chains.

Modular Blockchain Paradigm

Avail aims to facilitate a complete change in how we approach design of blockchain systems. Avail enables modular chain design where various execution environments can use Avail for data ordering and availability. Avail is agnostic to the execution layer, which can be the standalone chains or off-chain scaling solutions that use Avail. The applications hosted on these execution layers enjoy the full security of Avail.

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Decoupling execution from data availability

Off-chain scaling solutions can unlock their full potential by offloading data availability to Avail. Standalone chains can bootstrap validator security by using Avail for data availability.
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Data Redundancy

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    Every piece of data is erasure coded using polynomial interpolation
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    Redundancy makes it harder to suppress data
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    Light clients get ~100% confidence of data availability by performing constant number of queries

Low Resource Requirement

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    Hosting a full node isn't needed to get availability guarantee
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    Application clients can query data only relevant to application of their interest, without downloading the entire block
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    System scales up as the number of users increases, increasing the availability of data

Polynomial Commitments

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    Avail avoids fraud proofs using KZG polynomial commitments
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    The data of each block is committed to the headers
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    Light clients sample data and verify using commitment openings
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    Batch openings help us optimize verification and proof size

The Avail Chain Applications

Off-chain Scaling Solutions

Validium like solutions with Data Availability on Avail

Stand-alone chains

Chains with custom execution logic but secured by Avail

Light Client Verified Chains

Data Availability and computational Integrity verified by light clients

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