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Announcing Polygon Pod, a Podcast From the Epicenter of Web3

Polygon Team
Polygon Team
May 20, 2022

What’s the future of DeFi? How can blockchain projects shake the reputation for being bad for the environment? What in the world are zero knowledge proofs? How can Web3 attract and accommodate the next billion users? When Flippening?

You want to know the answers and so do we. That’s why Polygon is launching Polygon Pod -- a podcast where we have conversations about the most important questions in Web3. Polygon Pod is coming to all major podcast platforms next week and will also be available on YouTube and Twitter.

“What the world of crypto needs now is another podcast, right? Actually, yes,” said Pavel Alpeyev, Polygon’s content lead and the host of Polygon Pod. “Polygon is at the intersection of all the most interesting trends in Web3 and this gives us a unique vantage on what’s ahead. The future is here, it’s unevenly distributed and Polygon has it in heaps.”

Over the past year, Polygon has emerged as the destination for some of the biggest Web3 projects from DeFi protocols like Aave and Uniswap V3, NFT marketplaces OpenSea and Mark Cuban’s and Web3 gaming efforts including DraftKings, Animoca Brands’ The Sandbox and Decentral Games. That vibrant ecosystem is also one of the reasons enterprises like Adobe, Stripe, Instagram, and Dolce Gabanna are choosing Polygon as their entrypoint to Web3.

Polygon is also the leading scaling solution for Ethereum, which in turn is the epicenter of Web3 adoption. Products being developed at Polygon will have an industry-wide impact and reach all users, from an artist trying to make a living with NFTs and a yield-farming degen to an executive looking to adopt blockchain.

The core team is also taking the lead when it comes to owning the network’s impact on the environment. Polygon last month bought $400,000 of carbon credits to offset the chain’s footprint dating back to its inception. The team has also set aside $20 million for sustainability initiatives.

That’s why the first episode of Polygon Pod will focus on the business case for blockchains going green. Pavel and Polygon APAC Growth Manager Jaslyn Wang will be speaking with Archimedes, a co-founder of KlimaDAO, an on-chain carbon marketplace that’s at the forefront of using blockchain technology to combat climate change.

Tune into our blog for the latest episode drops and news from the Polygon ecosystem.

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