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Polygon solves for high gas fees and slow speeds, without sacrificing on security. Building on Polygon means compatibility with Ethereum’s ecosystem.

Benefit from Ethereum’s network effects
Build with developer-first technology
Belong to an open source, energy-efficient ecosystem

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BUIDL IT - Workshop #1 - Intro to Web3 Tech Stack
38 minutes
Jun 16 2022

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Meet at Events
Meet at Events
Come out to meet Polygon in real life. We always love to meet developers, and grow with them at events across the globe.
Connect with Web3 Devs
Connect with Web3 Devs
Polygon was built by developers, for developers. Immerse yourself in our ecosystem to meet developers from Polygon, and the best minds of web3.
Find your Community
Find your Community
Join Polygon’s vibrant, growing community of builders and creators to tap into an expanding ecosystem. Your future squad is waiting!
Drop by a Guild
Drop by a Guild
Our network of Guilds is bringing Polygon to the world. Check out the one nearest you, or apply to be a Mage and spin up your own.

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